What Is A Property Condition Report

What Is A Property Condition Report

What makes a property condition report so important?

If conducted properly a property condition report will dissect the property’s elements – structural, electrical, joinery, plumbing, etc. – and either give them a tick of approval or flag an issue for concern. Things you cannot see with the human eye and do not know what to look for if untrained. Every Property Condition Report should do this and many do, but BMC Building & Pest Inspections make sure you understand every aspect of the report, too.

Why is it so complicated?

A property condition report is an official document, designed to meet certain standards. Because of this it uses terms, diagrams and a lot of building industry lingo. That’s a requirement and unfortunately unavoidable. We know that lots of property condition reports arrive in the mail, a lumpy collation of information that may appear daunting with no translation document or service. So we provide a summary and a service to make sure you understand your property condition report fully. This should be your first requirement of a property condition report and inspection service. Your property inspector should be able to deliver on this.

Don’t leave anything to chance

A property condition report is going to be able to tell you everything that is right and wrong with the property. All the expenses you can expect and some you may want to walk away from. If you are selling, it will reveal what you might expect a prospective buyer to uncover and give you the opportunity to fix it.

A BMC Building Inspection and Property Condition Report service will work with you to understand the most important parts of the report. You can cross your fingers if you like. But really, a Property Condition Report should be an essential item on your buying or selling checklist when the investment is this big.

What does a BMC Property Condition Report inspection cover?

  • Roof and roof space
  • Ceilings (mould or leaks)
  • Framework
  • Guttering and downpipes
  • Retaining walls
  • Under-floor space
  • Fittings and fixtures
  • Condition of windows and doors
  • All plumbing and drainage
  • Electrical (power points, air-conditioning, heating, ceiling fans etc.)
  • Kitchen cupboards/joinery
  • Pest inspection and report
  • Gas
  • Major defects
  • Potential asbestos issues

A BMC property condition report will contain images with clearly marked issues. It will reveal any unsafe or unauthorised renovations and/or extensions plus any cosmetic improvements that may be covering faults. Fully qualified Certification is included and BMC can provide a written report within 24 hours.

Make sure you are getting what you pay for before you make a commitment.

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