Is Summer The Best Time To Treat Termites

Is Summer The Best Time To Treat Termites

Is summer the best time to treat termites?

There are many insect pests in Victoria that will be more active, even swarm, in summer.
Redback spiders, thought to have originated in South Australia, are commonly found in Victoria during the summer months. (As we like to enjoy the outdoors in summer too, be sure to check under your outdoor furniture for spiders before use.) You will probably notice more wasps around as well as cockroaches and of course, the bane of hot summer nights in Victoria, the annoying and potentially deadly mosquito. If you have pets, be sure to keep their flea treatment up during summer. And termites? Being cold blooded they are more prone to be on the move in summer, which may make them easier to detect.

Why are Termites notoriously difficult to detect?

Termites, borers, white ants, are one of the most destructive of our unseen pests, especially in parts of suburban and rural Victoria, where a lot of timber and timber framed homes reside.

While termite activity is largely determined by the number of access points in and around your home, the warmth of summer can create ideal conditions for termite survival and movement. That said, once you can see termites, it’s likely you’re already dealing with an infestation, so it’s best to get a regular, 12 monthly pest inspection by a reputable pest inspection company with the best equipment to detect and treat termites. That includes treating those that are present and providing preventative measures to deter future activity.

We use Termatrac™ detection technology

Before you or anyone else starts ripping up the boards around your home, call BMC. We use Termatrac, the latest in termite detection technology, to confirm and track the presence of termites. Radar, moisture and thermal sensors make it the ultimate tool for pest control that is non-destructive. (We also utilise termite sniffer dogs. They are very effective and popular with customers!)

Combined with Termidor® treatment

We use Termidor because it provides long-lasting protection and fast control, making it an effective solution with a high level of security and convenience. The aim is to rid your property of termites and then provide a stable barrier against them. The better the product you can use, the more positive you (and we) can be that the treatment will work and last.

But the best and most important thing you can do to deter pests in summer or any time of the year, is to commit to a regular 12 monthly pest inspection from a professional pest inspection service.

BMC covers all areas of greater Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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