About Us

About Us

Shane Neill, BMC Building Inspections & Pest Inspections,

I have been in the building industry for over 22 years building and renovating homes, having built hundreds of houses across many suburban and regional areas in Victoria.

BMC Building Inspections & Pest Inspections was a natural progression from my building company to provide families and business owners with a full property inspection prior to a major investment into a new home or commercial building.

We conduct over 100 building and pest property inspection per year.

When you book in an inspection with BMC you can trust our vast experience in the building industry to pick up issues with your potential new property – we know what to look for.

Once we present our report you can then determine whether you want to proceed with your purchase or determine what budget you will need to fix any of the issues – we identify whether there needs to be asbestos removal, structural works, pest infestation control, electrical wiring fixes and more.

Most importantly a thorough property inspection will let you know whether the asking price can be negotiated in your favour should there be major repairs and renovations required.

We also give our customers peace of mind when building a new home with another builder by providing comprehensive structural, electrical, pest and termite inspections across the various build stages to ensure Victorian building standards are being met.

Call us today on 0417 975 244 if you need an inspection – we can accommodate your timeline – within 24 hours if it’s urgent!