About Termites

Want to know more about Termites, download this presentation to find out how we use thermal imaging to detect Termite activity. Click here to download

What is the full range of services offered by BMC Building Inspections?

BMC Building Inspections provides the following services:

  • Pre purchase
  • Pre sale
  • Pest and termite
  • Combined building and termite
  • Building stage for new homes to insure it is built to code
  • Special purpose
  • Building Structural Inspections

How do you arrange access to the property?

We generally arrange access to property through clients, real estate agents or key-safe boxes on site.

Can I be present at the property during inspections?

We encourage the client(s) to be present at the inspection.

How long does the inspection take?

Inspections generally take from 1.5 – 4 hours on site plus we will prepare a written report for you after we leave the site.

How long does it take to get the written report?

Written reports in 24 hours if required (urgent).

Which areas do you service?

We serve all areas of Victoria.

How and when do I pay for the inspection?

Payment is required in seven (7) days of the inspection. We accept Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer or Cash.

What is covered in a pre-purchase house inspection?

BMC Building Inspections will look at a range of external and internal areas of a property and will provide a report with images highlighting hidden defects, hazards and other aspects that may help you decide whether to proceed with a purchase or give you the option to negotiate a better price for a property. Find out more on what is included in a property condition report.

Are termite & pest inspections separate services to building inspections?

Yes, termites and pests are a separate service to building inspections we also provide a combined serves with both included, which we highly recommend.

What are your credentials for building & pet inspections?

We are qualified and able to estimate costs to fix defects and infestation. We have been in the building industry for over 22 years and are accredited with Victorian Building Authority, Master Builders Victoria, a HIA member and a Registered Building Practitioner with the Victorian Building Commission.

We are fully Police checked.

Are you qualified to estimate costs to fix any defects or infestations?

We are qualified and able to estimate costs to fix defects and infestation.

Can you provide advice on renovations or alterations we can do if we choose to buy the house?

Yes, we can provide advise on renovations or alterations if you chose to buy the house! Assisting with quote from quality trades if required.

We have signed a contract subject to a building inspection, if defects are found during the inspection, can we get out of the sale?

If you have signed a contract subject to building or building and pest inspection on an existing house and defects are found, yes you can get out of contact.

If it’s a new home then you don’t pay the stage or final payment until it’s completely fixed and then checked by us.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, BMC Building Inspections is fully insured.

If the house is new, do you still need a building inspection?

If the house is new it is still a great idea to get it inspected. A house is a big investment so you want to make sure that it has been built properly, despite it being new. Many builders don’t build properly so it may have big defects and not be treated properly for termites or worse.

If the house is found to have pests or defects that have been missed or developed after an inspection, how do you proceed?

If after our inspection a house has been found to have pests or defects within our condition report list we return ASAP to resolve the problem.

If my inspection is urgent, how fast can BMC Building Inspections do it?

We can arrange urgent inspections with clients with 24 hours.

Which technology do you use?

We have state of the art termite detective equipment including Termatrac detection devise. This amazing device allows us to give the clients the best termite detection/inspection possible along with our sniffer dog and other standard equipment. Please note sniffer dog is an extra cost.

How long do termite treatments last?

Treatments last from just a month all the way up to 50 years! Usually treatments last between 3-12 months depending on treatment.

These still require regular inspection/checks to make sure everything is still good.

What is the baseline price BMC Building Inspections quote for your services and how will it differ between Building Inspections & Pest Inspections?

Prices start from $550 combined building and pest. Individual building inspections start from $350 and pest inspections from $250.