Building, Pest & Termite Inspection

Building, Pest & Termite Inspection

You can select our all-in-one building, pest and termite inspection service to ensure you get the full picture on your existing or new home.

Buildings can look impeccable from the surface, but have serious defects or problems underneath.

Building, Pest & Termite Inspections are vital to ensure that you’re buying or selling a property that is up to standard and avoiding any expensive problems down the road.

Within your Building, Pest or Termite Inspections, you can expect us to:

  • Find structural problems or defects
  • Find if there has been any bad building work or ‘cover-ups’
  • Find leaks or waterproofing issues
  • Find signs of pest or termite infestation
  • Inform you of your ongoing maintenance costs
  • Estimate the cost of termite or pest treatments
  • Estimate any building work that needs to take place

Furthermore, at BMC Building Inspections, we can also complete Termite & Pest treatments on site and arrange for any building work required to take place. Saving you the stress, the time and in the long run, the money!

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