How Long Will A Pest Treatment Last In Victoria?

How Long Will A Pest Treatment Last In Victoria?

Pest treatments in Victoria need to cope with harsh conditions

A qualified local pest inspection and treatment service is the best source of protection against pests in your area, but the conditions you live in can affect the efficiency of any treatments as well.

In Victoria, your pest treatment will be subjected to hot summers and cold winters – conditions that suit an array of flying, nesting and crawling insects. Some will seek shelter inside your home during wet or dry spells. Others, like termites, just want to eat it!

Is your home brick veneer?

Many homes in Victoria are made from brick veneer, but it’s the timber frame beneath the veneer that holds the structure together. Timber attracts termites, so it is very important that Victorians have their homes regularly inspected and treated for pests.

Keep your home maintenance up

When it comes to pests, the best form of attack is defence. Regularly inspect your home inside and out for signs of pests and make sure you’re not inadvertently assisting them. Termites will see soil beds next to the walls of your home as an invitation to march right in, so keep a 50mm minimum perimeter around your home year round. Store and stow any feed products in protective containers that keep moisture out. Check the seals on your doors and windows. Keep drains clean and check for cracks or gaps in the walls.

Get a pest inspection every 12 months

A lot can happen in a year. Soils shift. The seasons change, bringing larger rain falls or longer dry spells. Maybe you’ve been renovating or digging new garden beds. Most manufacturers of pest treatment products recommend annual inspections to counter changing conditions. We only use Termidor® to treat for termites. A barrier alone can be breached whereas Termidor lets the pest take the treatment back to the nest, infecting the entire colony.

Provide access at ground level

Don’t block off any part of your home at ground level. To establish a solid barrier to pests, your pest inspector is going to need access to every part of the building.

Prevention is better than cure

Many pests are almost impossible to detect by sight alone. Maintaining a strong barrier deterrent around your home with regular annual pest inspections and treatments will not just give you peace of mind that your home is free of pests, you’ll be reassured that you are doing all you can to protect your property investment, no matter where you live.

When is your next pest inspection due?

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