How To Recognise A Qualified Building Inspector In Victoria

How To Recognise A Qualified Building Inspector In Victoria

What is a qualified Victorian building inspector licensed to do?

In Victoria, there are a number of licensing and certified qualifications a building inspector should have before you empower them to inspect and report on any construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance to a home you live in or are considering purchasing.

Are they Victorian Building Authority (VBA) qualified?

To qualify as a Victorian Building Inspector with the Victorian Building Authority, an applicant must meet stringent levels of experience and technical abilities, backed by technical references for every registration category. Don’t hesitate to enquire about these levels of qualification before you hire a building inspection service to inspect your home. Some tertiary courses instruct on how to inspect a home, but if your building inspector is an experienced builder they will know where mistakes can be made and how to pinpoint them.

Can they give you an end-to-end report?

BMC Building Inspections are a turnkey building inspection service in Victoria. We’ve been constructing homes for 20+ years. We can identify issues with accuracy, show you how to effectively fix them and complete the work to a high standard for you. End to end service.

Do they have a Domestic Building Unlimited (DBU) license?

There’s a lot more a DBU builder is qualified to do. A Limited license may be limited to carpentry work or glazing. An unlimited license covers all aspects of construction, restoration and renovation or maintenance – each class and component of domestic building work.

How important is that?

A building inspection is not something to scrimp on. The better qualified the inspection service, the more accurate and thorough it will be. At BMC Building Inspections we specialise in:

  • Pre-purchase building inspections
  • Pre-sale building inspections
  • New home handover inspections
  • Vendor building reports
  • Commercial building reports
  • Public building reports

Without accuracy, problems could turn up down the road. The longer problems exist generally the more expensive they become. Get the most qualified building inspection you can up front. One that will find any structural problems or defects, poor building work, cover-ups, leaks or waterproofing issues and signs of pest infestation.

We make a detailed report that identifies any ongoing maintenance costs and provide detailed estimates for termite or pest treatments.

Where should your fully qualified building inspector look?

Try to be there for the inspection if you can and make sure your building inspector has examined every inch of your home and not just taken a quick look around. Faults, defects and hazards can be lurking in any part of the home. Typically the inspection should include the roof and roof space, ceilings, framework, guttering and downpipes, any retaining walls, fittings, fixtures, under the floors, windows and doors, plumbing, draining, electrics and joinery. Images should show any issues, including where cosmetic improvements have been used to cover up faults.

BMC will provide images that show clearly marked issues in a written report that can be available within 24 hours.

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