How Long Do Termite Treatments Last?

How Long Do Termite Treatments Last?

A termite treatment can last 6 months, or 50 years

The effectiveness of any termite treatment will depend on the type of treatment used. It’s not difficult to get 50 years out of a termite treatment, as long as a strong physical barrier is created in the soil surrounding your home. Note “in” the soil, and not on top of it.

Always ask a professional

There is no shortage of termite treatment providers in Greater Melbourne and Gippsland. You can unearth any number of promises and cut price savings. Don’t be fooled. Plenty of termite treatment services sound cheap because they’re lazy. It costs nothing to ask the right questions.

Have you been offered a termite “baiting” service?

Baiting follows the mousetrap principle whereby a piece of cheese (in this case, tasty timber titbit) is placed to attract the mouse (in this case, termite). However, as the house is not made of cheese, the mouse will not want to eat that instead. Attracting termites to your home is the last thing you want to do and could make the termites more determined to get in.

What about chemical sprays?

Chemical sprays are effective, but it depends on the chemical used and where it is sprayed. Spraying directly onto the ground will not provide an effective termite barrier for long. Perhaps 6 months. To do the job properly, you need to go underground, where the termites are.

Make the treatment part of the foundation

Pre-construction is a great time to install a very effective physical termite barrier with inlaid sheets as part of the foundation work. Ask us how.

Houses that are stumped

The aim of steel capped concrete footings is to make the termites go over them, thus becoming visible to the naked eye. But they won’t stop termites from getting in. The most effective termite treatment is to detach the house from the stumps and raise it to feed the treatment into the earth through rods drilled into the stumps. But there is a great deal of liability involved. What if the plaster cracks or a window breaks? If the house is not 100% accurately reinstated, the floors could creak.

Trench warfare

If you want an effective termite treatment that will last around 7 years if installed correctly, a chemical spray like Thermidor, used to create a complete and closed barrier surrounding your home, is a popular option. This involves digging a trench, dispensing the chemical, backfilling it, dispensing more chemical and backfilling that.

Start with an obligation free quote from a termite treatment professional

We’ll discuss the treatments you’ve had in the past and establish what type of treatment option would be best for your property (and budget) to achieve the best results. Our termite inspection service can determine if termites are present using thermal imaging – the only sure-fire way of knowing if and exactly where any termites are located. If there are none, let’s get you a good, peace of mind barrier in place.

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