Building Inspections - What We Look For

Building Inspections – What We Look For

Building inspections in Victoria

There are sound reasons why you need a building inspection of any potential home or property purchase in Victoria. A proper building inspection can identify immediate issues and uncover potential problems down the track. It’s a fresh pair of eyes if you like, that can pick up items that may have been missed by your builder or body corporate.

If your building inspector is also a builder, they will be able to tell you if your new property or building meets building code requirements and more. It doesn’t matter how old, or new it is, always get an independent building inspection.

BMC Building & Pest Inspections carry out building inspections in Melbourne, Gippsland, Bass Coast and Phillip Island. Make sure your building inspection service covers all the items that we do, and if you’re unsure, here are the questions to ask.

What does the building inspection cover?

A building inspection is only as good as the process it follows and a BMC Building Inspection is thorough. First and foremost we’ll check for structural problems or defects – the most important and immediate problem you’ll want to get fixed or walk away from.

Another vital building issue that is more common than you might think, is sub-standard building. We look for signs of ‘bad building work’. In these circumstances it’s not uncommon to find cover-ups that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Leaks or waterproofing issues are absolutely essential to identify early. Damp areas will over time damage the structure and let’s not forget that termites are attracted to moisture, adding to the problem.

Does the building inspection include a pest inspection?

Some building inspections include a visual sweep of the property for signs of pest or termite damage, but this is largely a waste of time. Make sure your building inspection includes thermal imaging equipment, which will give you a specific location of any infestations found.

Does the building inspection include an estimate of costs?

Once we’ve inspected your home we can also give you an estimate of any ongoing termite or pest treatments. And, being fully licensed builders, an estimate of any building or maintenance work needed now and what you can postpone for further down the track.

What parts of the home or building are inspected?

A thorough inspection should include the roof and roof space, framework, guttering, downpipes, and under the floors. The condition of the windows and doors, fittings and fixtures should be examined. Plumbing and drainage, all electrical points and any heating or cooling systems must be inspected closely, as should ceilings for any mould or dampness issues. What condition is the joinery in? Is there any pest related damage? Are all certifications accurate (to cover any insurance policies)?

A building inspection in Victoria should alert you to any unsafe or unauthorised renovations or extensions and provide you with an extensive Property Condition Report.

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