How To Tell A Real Pest Inspector From A Fake One

How To Tell A Real Pest Inspector From A Fake One

Beware the fast talking salesperson

A lot of new pest inspection services take a hard line on sales and getting the sale at any cost. You need to be good at spotting a fake. Arm yourself with the right questions and know what to look out for.

Is the pest inspection service licensed to treat termites?

Plenty of operators can only inspect for pests, and not all pests at that. It will be a far more efficient and cost effective use of your time and money if your pest inspector is licensed to treat pests as well as detect them. Visit their website or ask for their qualifications.

Do they know all about buildings?

BMC was a fully licensed building business for 22 years before we branched out into pest inspections. We’ve built hundreds of homes across suburban and regional Victoria. Licensed builders understand building structures, how houses are built and work. We can go straight to where the weak points might be and ensure they are protected. We know where and how pests can and will get in.

What type of equipment will they be using?

We often get called out to finish a pest treatment that has been poorly carried out. Sometimes the pest control barrier is inadequate for the type of property it’s meant to protect. Often, it’s just plain incomplete. If you don’t have an adequate, well maintained pest barrier, you’re wasting time and money. A lot will depend on the equipment that has been used to detect and treat any termites found.

How effective is the equipment at finding termites?

The only real way to know if your home has termites, and where those termites are in the structure of your home, is with the latest technology. Thermal imaging can identify and locate termites with visual proof. Anything else is guesswork. We use Termatrac T3i, an innovative system that confirms and tracks the presence of termites.

Does your pest inspection service use a detection dog?

A good sniffer dog, professionally trained to detect termites and working alongside a professional pest inspector, gives us access to all areas of your home. Termite Detection Dogs are especially effective at not just finding termites but keeping tabs on any ongoing live termite cases. We like to use them to give the all clear.

Start with an obligation free quote from a professional, licensed, Victorian pest inspection and treatment service

It costs nothing to enquire. By all means shop around but make sure you tick off the main items we’ve given you here and don’t be talked into anything less! It may cost a little more up-front, but you’ll be better off in the long run.

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